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 The big squeeze

Anybody else pissed off at that show? I was watching it and the guy got attacked by his 16 foot burmese python because he was screwing around with his chinchilla first! What a moron! And the hole " they canít be tamed" thing is what really set me off.

02/06/05  12:08pm


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  Message To: Paintballplayingherp   In reference to Message Id: 241746

 The big squeeze

Yea that was pretty gay He had what was coming to him...... what an idiot.

03/12/05  09:12pm


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  Message To: Aaron_lls   In reference to Message Id: 272749

 The big squeeze

i cant get a burm becuse that show.i had the cage built to

03/28/05  05:07pm


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  Message To: Cjm   In reference to Message Id: 289400

 The big squeeze

I can’t begin to explain! Not only is he a complete moron but it is disrespectful to the snake in it just following natural instinct to describe it as a monster.

04/26/05  08:54pm


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  Message To: CaptainJack   In reference to Message Id: 324145

 The big squeeze

Soooo funny. i just saw that show a couple of days ago and i was saying the same thing. "they cant be tamed" what the F#@$ does he know. theres a difference between an untamable snake and an idiotic owner

04/10/06  03:56pm


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  Message To: Ballzthebest   In reference to Message Id: 733832

 The big squeeze

funny how his snake was tame up to that point though.

05/08/06  02:18pm


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  Message To: Deedle   In reference to Message Id: 776983

 The big squeeze

This show is really to put people off of owning such large constrictors, you donít have to be smelling like an animal to get a hungry, or angry snake to grab you and coil you, and sometimes it just takes a turn of the head for one to grab you, when you start totally trusting your large snakes that is when accidents are more likely to happen, they all demand your attention and respect when you go to interact with them, even the most laid back animal can grab you should it see the need to act that way.

This show does point out some very good points, if you know how to interpret its points being someone actually knowledgeable on these larger snakes. You can learn from others mistakes, although it may not sink in for some until something like those examples actually happens to them.

It does portray and make some down putting remarks on larger constrictors in general..if it scares some people off that want to get large snakes just for the so called "cool factor" then I say thatís a plus, getting such animals for that reason or something other than actually wanting to be able to have the privledge of keeping such magnificent animals, you donít need to have them, face it not every one can handle such large animals, even if they think they may be able to.

You can clearly see this every day, where someone buys a baby burm or a retic, then finds out about it, and just decides well I will feed it less so it wonít grow so much, or I will just get rid of it at a certain size and get another one. Or if they donít decide either one of those, sooner or later many just end up dumping off these snakes in one way or another.

This show has its up and down long as you can read between the lines, there is some good information in it. I canít agree totally with it, as I am a lover of med-large boids, and more so fond of retics, which we keep here amongst other things, I know the consequences that can come, and keeping them, I can say they certainly keep you on your toes.

ES Tropicals

05/10/06  11:20pm

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