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LillyZed   Ambra1980  

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 New to breeding!

Hello, I am new to breeding.
I have a normal 50%het kahl albino boa,
And I am wondering if anyone could tell me please what the outcome would be if I was to pair him with a female kahl albino boa.
Many thanks :)

08/25/15  04:16am


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  Message To: LillyZed   In reference to Message Id: 2314681

 New to breeding!

Hello im new to breeding...i am looking to get an anery dh but not sure exactly how this is anery het snow and mom is albino het snow so im trying to figure out wht the dh wouldn b if its an anery....and wht could i put with it when i go to breed yrs dow. The road to get poss snows...i have a couple hypos....but not sure if they have anything else with tht..until i can breed them in a couple yrs ..thnk u amber

04/10/18  06:04pm

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