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Jon whittington   Adeline  

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Jon whittington
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 Motley Babies!!!

Last night at 2:15 my female albino motley had 15 live babies ,2 stillborn ,8 slugs .and a super motley.Been working on this for 3 years.I got this Motley when she was only a foot long.Does anyone know why I got a super motley out of the batch?

06/02/14  10:25am


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  Message To: Jon whittington   In reference to Message Id: 2305464

 Motley Babies!!!

What was the pairing? I know this is an old thread, but I’m curious. Lol How’d the little super motley do? They generally end up having health problems, but I’ve heard the Central Americans usually are healthier and live longer.

10/07/14  05:06pm

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