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 NIC in the water?

Hey everybody not new to the scene of snakes, but I recently got a Hypo NIC. (4 foot) Now lets get to why I actually am posting this he doesn’t come out to the water he just soaks all day! He’s alive no worries, but he doesn’t come out! His cage is 85-90 on the top of his hide and the cool side is about 75-80 so I dont think its because he is to hot. I had to move the heat lamp over his water because he would be cool when I would take him out because the water is cooled. So my question is wont he get scale rot if he never comes out? Is this normal for a NIC none of my other boas or snakes soak in there water. Oh forgot to say he isn’t in shed.

01/12/13  08:04pm


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  Message To: XReptileKidx   In reference to Message Id: 2289511

 NIC in the water?

Could have mites. Have you noticed any black specs in the water, tank or on your snake?

03/25/13  07:05pm

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