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 Boa breeding

so people have told me that i cannot breed my super hypo hog island boa to my super hypo female red tail boa because there not of the species of boa and they said it is more likely to get infertile babies is this true please help ?

06/02/12  07:57pm


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  Message To: Jblaze1991   In reference to Message Id: 2268601

 Boa breeding

Not being an expert I was trying to find some other similar threads , in another forum, on this subject.

I also subscribe to the Red tail boas might have better luck getting answers there

Every time I do this I get side tracked with pictures of beautiful new babies and great looking boas....but I think I read something about crossing the Hog to get some very interesting morphs..
Super Hypo Hog

It’s been fun looking ...good luck , keep searching.

06/10/12  04:12pm

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