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McMurphy Farm
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 Co- dominance

Are there any co- dominate genes out the that if u bred to snakes together say a hypo and an albino that half the clutch would be hypo and the other half would be albino? (just an example) if so what are they, what they look like, and where is the best place to get one of these snakes

04/06/12  01:36pm


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  Message To: McMurphy Farm   In reference to Message Id: 2261711

 Co- dominance

Well, according to Chris Gilbert the following morphs are thought to be co-dominate:

jaguar (the Frank Martin ones.....not the reverse striped boas mislabeled as jags)

As far as what they look like and how to obtain them, Google can answer that better than me.

Also, I might be wrong but, I don’t believe that there are any raptors in the US.


04/09/12  09:13am


McMurphy Farm
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  Message To: Bciaddict   In reference to Message Id: 2262077

 Co- dominance

Ha and I imagin they all cost a pretty penny lol theres no real reptile store in my area I’d like to start on up but I have so little cash or supply I have some gorgeous snakes I’d love to spread the love and knowledge :)

04/10/12  12:30am

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