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 Moonglow project, help please

Helle there everyone!

I recently bought a beautiful baby male snow boa. and I am wondering with what I should breed it to get more snows or a moonglow possibly. I am looking for someone with breeding experience to help me out. I have lots of time, but I only want to be working on one project. So what I am looking for is for someone to let me know a cost effective way to make snows and/or moonglows. both in the same litter would be amazing but again, I’m new to this so I am unsure if that is even possible. Please help me out as I would love to start the search for the perfect female for my male as soon as I could.
Thank you in advance for your help! :)

I’ve never used this before, so I’m not sure if I will receive an email when a response is given, so feel free to post a reply, or email me at alex.

Thanks again!

10/25/11  05:48pm


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 Moonglow project, help please


Well the fastest and cheapest way to create a moonglow would be to pair your male snow up with a hypo het snow (A.k.a a triple het for moonglow, or TH moonglow). But you will want to buy from a reliable breeder to ensure that you are getting a female that is truly a het.


11/03/11  08:17am

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