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 Help! New Rosy Boa pregnant???

Hello all,

We recently took on a Rosy Boa, estimated about three or four years. The guy we got her from had her and another Rosy, I’m assuming to be a male, in the same enclosure. The guy had the male since he was about a year and he’s pretty positive on the sex. They seem to be the same age. The male was a good size, though when I saw the two of them, the thing that stood out to me was that ours(the female) was thicker in the middle, and with a tiny little head compared to the other.

Our girl is about two feet long, and like I said she is thick in the middle and her head seems disproportional to her body to me. At first I thought she was really muscular, but while looking up Rosy info, I came across a page about breeding that described a thick, hard midsection of a gravid female. She is good tempered, which is also weird because she should be ovulating and grumpy if she isn’t gravid. He told me she did not eat last weekend and that he thinks she is going to shed soon, but I know that not eating can also be a sign of a gravid female.

I can take pictures or a video if necessary. I’m going to offer her food this Friday either way.

If you know of any other signs or have any advice, please let me know.

Thank you!

05/23/11  05:29pm

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