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Jon whittington   Fairy Frog Mother  
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Jon whittington
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hi i have an 8 to 9 foot albino redtail if she breeds with a 6 foot 100 percent het albino male what and how many would we get.or what would we get if we breed a male 100percent albino to a female double het sunglow. or the female double het sunglow to a 100 percent het albino male thats whats happening now . thankyou jon whittington

01/26/11  06:19am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Jon whittington   In reference to Message Id: 2201123


you will get 3 normals ten albinos and....

There is no way to know the exact number. First off...they can have between 12 and 65 babies on average. Plus you can say you’d have a 50% chance...but if you have say 30 babies that does not mean 15 will be albino and the rest Het. (all the babies that look normal would be het albino in that pairing)

Statistics just dont work out exactly that way. BUT you have a good chance of having many albinos.

From your other posts, Id suggest you do a lot more reading before breeding. Sounds like you have a few clutches on the way already.

01/30/11  01:28am

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