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 Will i get albino’s

I have a 50%het female breeding with a male normal will there be a chance to get visual albinos?

09/14/10  03:37pm


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  Message To: Gadman   In reference to Message Id: 2175460

 Will i get albino’s

There is no chance that you’ll get visible albinos with that pairing unless the "normal" turns out to be a het and the 50% het turns out to be a het. You are most likely going to get 100% normals with a very slim chance of then being het for albino.


09/15/10  06:00am


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  Message To: Bciaddict   In reference to Message Id: 2175545

 Will i get albino’s

To get alibino’s both of the parents must have the albino gene:

Het albino to Het albino
Visual albino to Het albino

But remember not all your babys will be visual albino

09/18/10  04:41pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: R3PT1LI4N   In reference to Message Id: 2176094

 Will i get albino’s

AND if you cross het albino to het albino, the resulting normals are considered POSSIBLE hets because statisticly 25% of the "Normals" will carry no albino gene, 50% (statistically speaking again) will be Het, and 25% will be albino. You will not be able to tell the difference between the "Het Albinos" and the "Normals" until they are "proven" by breeding to be het. Albinos, well...youll know they are albino obviously.

Of course, nature being what it is, statistics are not reliable.

11/02/10  12:51pm

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