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 I have a question about boa breeding!

ok, so i dont plan on breeding any time soon ~blah blah blah blah~ but i love boas.. and i already have a Nic. boa! though i dont know the sex yet, i plan on getting another one, which i want to eventually breed... so, can all boas breed with each other or do they have to be certain kinds? and if so what type would be cabable with my nic :) thnx

08/13/09  12:43am


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 I have a question about boa breeding!


All Boa constrictor ssp. will breed to each other. There are a few schools of thought when it comes to breeding and locality. There are those that keep the localities as pure as possible. There are those that stick within subspecies. And there are those that breed indisciminately. Most people try to keep the breedings within subspecies whenever possible though. For example B.c.c. x B.c.c., B.c.i x B.c.i., B.c.l. x B.c.l. etc....

Your Nic would be a B.c.i so it would be best to breed it with another B.c.i. Nicaraguan would be preferred but any Central American will do in a pinch. :)

Just a few things to consider before breeding...

Before you decide to breed though, you must consider what you plan on doing with the potential babies? Are you prepared to keep all of them? Nics can have 20 + babies in one litter although it seems 12-17 is more likely. Now if you bred your Nic to, say, A Colombian than there is the potential of 50+ babies in one litter.

You can’t expect to sell them retail unless you either sell them very cheap or have a good reputation. Wholesaling extra babies to pet stores is really counter productive, and many pet stores won’t take that many boas at once.

Also unless you have something other than normal Nics, such as (hypos, aneries, etc...) babies won’t be worth a whole lot.

Anyways, Here’s a neat link to how to sex a boa using palpation, or "rubbing" if you’re interested.,1689279

By the way, Nics are great boas!!


08/13/09  07:12am

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