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I have a female Hypo Red tail, and a male hogg island i would like to breed. I know niether are old enough to breed now. She is between a yeard and a half and two years, he is only 6-9months. When would be a good time to breed them, age wise?

07/30/09  02:48pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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If I may suggest choosing either coloring or locality, but I would not mix the two. With another Hypo, or Snow or Albino het for could get some very lovely snakes. Or get a nice female hogg island to breed with your male as they are in pretty high demand.

It is very difficult to find serious collecters interested in crosses, and thus it could prove very difficult to find all of the resulting neonates homes. Plus for conservation purposes, the more you can keep localities pure, the better chances of breeding to release and restock into their restored native habitat, should the need arise.

General rule of thumb is to wait til the snake is at least 3 years, and at least 3 feet. Having the Female slightly larger than the male is preferred to vica versa, but you dont want the mail TOO much smaller or you risk him getting injured in courtship and mating. For Females, you want to be sure they are bulked up enough to survive the fast with babies growing inside them, and to properly do this takes time. Mine are two now, and I had thought of breeding next year, but I may decide not to breed them, even though they are both 100% Het Albino. With my luck Id get 50 babies and be able to find 10 homes- then want to keep them all. Ha!

You may read articles that mention force feeding them to get faster results, but this has proven to shorten the lifespan and seriously risk the health of the snake.

07/30/09  03:31pm


Just chris
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Just a test to see if I can post. Sorry

08/05/09  05:58pm

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