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 Shedding during gestation

Okay so I bred my red-tails around the 13th of march. Then she ovulated during the last week of march. She is now in the middle of a shed cycle. Is It normal for a gravid girl to shed more then once during gestation or could she be in prelay shed? If I counted right then she shouldnt be due until July 6th. It has only been about 55 days since she ovulated, and I have read that it is supposed to be 108 days after ovulation before she drops. Any advice would be great, Thank you.

05/12/09  01:40pm


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 Shedding during gestation

Most people count by the POS and yes it is about 105 days pos. Has the male been with her since March? If not when did you remove him? Did you place him back in since then?

Breeding needs to continue after the ovulation until the male wants nothing more to do with the female. Then he can be removed. Perhaps she is just now having her POS if you recently reintroduced a male to her. I have heard of a gravid boa having a POS and then shedding again during the middle of pregnancy though I don’t think it is common.

Keep an eye on her and if she starts getting restless and looking for a place to nest or passes the waxy stool then you know she is getting close. Also if she is going to drop this early there really isn’t anything you can do to prevent it, I don’t think. Good luck though.

05/14/09  02:38am

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