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 Kenyan sand boa not eating! Need help

I am going to apologize in advance for the length of this... So about 2 weeks ago a friend of ours who is an apartment manager was going through an evicted place (from our understanding the guy had left a lot of stuff behind and this finding was after the locks had been changed, but not the same day) and found a Kenyan sand boa (as well as a ball python and Savannah monitor lizard) in the attic! But this is all about the boa, every one else is doing great and we know how to handle them just fine... Anyways we do not know how old this little one is but she is about 7 or 8 inches long and about as thick as a sharpie. We are not 100% if male or female but we believe female (she wiggles too much and does not enjoy being handled out side of just chilling in your hand or around your arm as a bracelet... so we are not wanting to hurt her or try anything until she/he is calmer and a bit bigger). We named her Wiggles because of this.
Anyways we do not know anything about her history besides this. We have never owned a boa of any kind before and are a bit worried as she is not eating. We offer a frozen/thawed pinky every 2-3 days hoping she will take, but to no avail. I tried to assist feed today but she kept spitting it out and then she actually struck at and bit me after spitting out the pinky! I personally prefer not to feed live but at this point I am willing to try anything to get her to eat.
We originally tried feeding in a feeding box like we do everyone else. She would try to escape and stay on the opposite end of the box as the pinky. We did more research and found some sand boas prefer to strike from under the substrate, so we tried that, and she ran from the pinky again... like she buried herself further and moved to the other side of the tank.
She is currently being housed alone in a 5 gallon terrarium with a screen lid with about 4 inches of aspen bedding chips, a small halogen 25 watt over lead light we only turn on a few hours of the day and a small under tank heater kept on 24/7. She has a small fish decor Spongebob pineapple thing that is about half buried and she hides in there a lot. Also we keep a small water dish in there for her. We keep humidity at about 50-60 and temps 80-90 during the day and 65-75 at night.
I am learning that some boas hibernate, but I am unsure about this or if this is what she is doing? Any tips or help is appreciated as I am worried. Is everything sounding ok for her? Am I doing something wrong?

11/30/17  10:07pm

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