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 5-6 month columbian boa hasnt pooped in 3-5 weeks,

I’m having a pretty crazy weekend. Yesterday (3/24/17) i came home to find out that my boa jose has mites, is about to shed, and hasn’t pooped in 3-5 weeks. Because i am 17 and my parents are split, I only see my boa every other week, besides when i come over to feed him. I was startled when my mom asked me when he had last pooped, as i assumed she had seen poop when i was gone. It turns out he hasn’t pooped in 3-5 weeks. Hes been in blue for the last 2-3 weeks. Could that mess up his BM schedule? He is 24.6 inches long and has never rejected food. His temps are 90-95 for basking and 68-75 for cold side with a overall humidity of 60%-70%. His last meal was 2 hopper mice because i haven’t ordered larger food for him. Is he not getting enough food? As i type this hes getting a lukewarm bath. Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m at my wits end.

03/25/17  01:14pm

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