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 Mites and shedding at the same time!!

A few days ago I treated my snake for mites with the use of Nix. The treatment entailed taking out the substrate, spraying down the cage, letting it dry, spraying my snake in a seperate container and so on. I received adivce from lllc to take out the water bowl during the nix process because for one, the nix treatment would be washed off but also because it would be harmful for the snake to ingest the nix. This means that I’m supposed to place the water bowl back once 24 hours or so have passed. That’s fine but my snake is in the midst of beginning to shed as he just got "blue eyes." Today I called llc back and asked them what to do. They said to keep the water bowl out of the cage because humidity from the water bowl would attract mites and I still have one more treatment to go. They suggested to hydrate the snake and help it shed by giving it a lukewarm bath every day which would also get rid of the mites understandably. This is also fine to some point but today (which is two days after nix treatment and 2nd day of my snake having blue eyes), I came back home for winter break and my snake is in a new enviornment. I know that I’m not supposed to handle it and just leave it alone for 6-7 days. So if I can’t take it out, then it would be fine for me just to keep the water bowl inside of the cage to help in the shedding process by increasing the humidity a bit?What if he needs more humidity since even with the water dish the humidity is only 40%...Would just having that water bowl that he could use to help shed be enough? Of course if his shed comes off in pieces, this would be by the end of the week when I can help him out by giving him the bath. So when I do the second nix treatment which will be on Thursday which will be 6 days of him being at home (enough time for him to assimilate), I’m not supposed to bath him after nix or give him a water bowl..well what if he hasn’t shed by Thursday? He would just rely on me misting that day which wouldn’t be enough most likely..

Should I do this??: Keep water bowl inside, mist to get around 45 humidity on both sides. Take him out on Thursday and do a lukewarm bath and an hour later do the nix treatment—I can mist his cage in between and take out the water and don’t mist because the cage should be dry until 24 hours later. Again, he would rely on the lukewarm water bath before and the misting in between lukewarm and nix, which should be fine..

12/19/15  01:07am


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  Message To: EddieBalboa   In reference to Message Id: 2316169

 Mites and shedding at the same time!!

Do you still need answers??

01/10/16  01:04am

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