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 My boa ate their housing felt! HELP!!!

I fed her on Friday the rats continue to be smaller and smaller. so I bought her another one Saturday evening. When I woke up Sunday morning today, the Half felt was missing! I don’t understand! On one half of her habitat she has her hider bin with felt and wood chip snake bedding. The other half gets changed when it poops and the water bowl sits on it. Watched him/ her eat friday but still acted hungry, so thats why i fed her again Saturday. She ate it and went back into the bin. No problems! This afternoon the cloth was gone! Didn’t know if roommate moved it. Just talked to them. .... They said No! Took out the bin and let her stretch out. Changed the water in her in bowl. She went straight to it and started drinking. Alot though! She’s not striking but active. There is s slight bulge about half way down to 2/3 way down! I have only had the snske 3.5 weeks! Has anyone ever experienced this? Reptile vet is closed. Any Thoughts? HELP!!!

10/04/15  07:33pm

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