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 Question about columbian rainbow boa

I have a few snakes, this is the newest. My absolute dream snake. I spent a lot of time getting his tank prepared and brought him home today. I’m absolutely in love but, silly me, I didn’t look too much into their behavior. I figured as a boa he should be pretty docile. I’ve handled him a few times before with no issues. It checked me out a lot, and was really active. But not aggressive at all.
When I brought it home the first thing it did was strike twice at my face. I figured it was just stressed after the move, being in a sack for a bit, all of the smells etc.
I was just wondering if I need to be weary of tank aggression or anything, or if it’ll even out after an adjustment period. My pythons and other snakes didn’t really behave this way when then moved in.
I won’t mind if he’s aggressive, I can deal with it, I just want to know what to expect.

08/20/14  07:52pm


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  Message To: Llari   In reference to Message Id: 2308714

 Question about columbian rainbow boa

Boas in generel will not always be docile because they are shy and nervous unlike your average burm or corn but some are known to be like a dumeril boa and rainbows like you have. If you just got it let it settle for a week or two. If your worried about cage aggression don’t feed it in his cage I take my adult burm and red tail out their cages and when their done I stick their heads in their cage so they slither in their because u can handle them after feeding...he striked u because he was nervous but you can send snakesitter a message he’s awesome and breed rainbows and is 100% experienced and can help you a lot.

08/27/14  01:30am

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