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 Why is Byte(my Red-Tail Boa) Squeaking?

Today Byte started squeaking. Byte is a female red-tail boa, about a year-and-a-half old. The squeaks aren’t with every breath, but she’s done it three times in the last hour. There’s no sign of nasal discharge/bubbles/constant yawning/other signs of RI, and her last shed was clean. Her tank is clean and the humidity and heat are within the proper range. I’m going to take her to the vet in a week or so - the earliest I can - but I was wondering if there was anyone here who can help me. Thoughts?

04/26/12  11:31pm


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  Message To: ShadowSpark   In reference to Message Id: 2264415

 Why is Byte(my Red-Tail Boa) Squeaking?

ok mine did the SAME thing!! not sure what is was. I put a fogger on her and she would always curl up under it :-) it helped. but tell me what vets says please

04/27/12  12:30am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2264419

 Why is Byte(my Red-Tail Boa) Squeaking?

Id have her checked by a vet. It could be a piece of old shed in a nostril or it could be the start of a RI. Sounds like you have your husbandry (heat, humidity etc) checked- so keep that up and try to get to a vet would be my advice. Just in case. With RIs the earlier you catch em the easier they are to treat- so Id not wait to see if it gets worse for that reason. A few weeks of shots is better than several months. (and cheaper to treat in the long run too)

05/03/12  08:58am


Jon whittington
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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2265148

 Why is Byte(my Red-Tail Boa) Squeaking?

What do you mean by squeaking,how does it sound?

05/04/12  10:53pm


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  Message To: Jon whittington   In reference to Message Id: 2265333

 Why is Byte(my Red-Tail Boa) Squeaking?

i could be the poster boy for what fairy frog mother is saying, listen to her she is right! i got a boa that had an ri and i foolishly tried to bump the heat alittle and let her fix it herself, BIG MISTAKE!! by the time i did take her to the vet last december she had gotten worse and it wound up taking 55 shots, 3 different meds over the course of 4 months to get her fixed up, she is just now getting back to her regular feeding schedule. now after putting her through all that she has no trust in me, used to be id open her tank and she would come say hi now its a race to the back of her tank whenever i go in there. if you catch an ri early enough you may even be able to treat it without any injections and you dont have to put your snake through all the stress that comes with them. good luck let us know how it goes

05/12/12  10:31am

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