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 Need some help

I have a 8 1/2 ft male columbian red tail. Yesterday we picked up a 5 ft female. She came with a glass tank that has a huge crack in it and i’m afraid its gonna cut her. I wanna put her in the same cage as the male but afraid he will hurt her. will they be okay until I finish building her new cage?

04/14/12  02:50am


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  Message To: ROADKING   In reference to Message Id: 2262684

 Need some help

Introduce them slowly and keep an eye on them but do not try it unless they are roughly the same size

04/16/12  05:31am


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  Message To: Lizardloveruk87   In reference to Message Id: 2262896

 Need some help

You really shouldn’t introduce a new snake with one that has been in your collection for at least the 90 day quarantine period. If you haven’t introduced her already, get a large tub to keep her in for the mean time. Let us know how it goes.

04/17/12  11:19pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Herps4me   In reference to Message Id: 2263217

 Need some help

Several issues- If she isnt quarantined you are opening up your male to a host of infectious diseases and parasites.

It is still "breeding season"- your male is over 8 feet and she is only 5. She sounds too young to breed. It will risk her health to do so too young- PLUS his greater size, weight, and overall strength is likely to cause her injury in the process.

Sorry I wasnt on sooner to give comment. Hope if you did it everyone is healthy and happy and no ill came of it- but I would get a new tank asap if you have not already.

04/25/12  09:43am

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