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 What should i breed to my female albino

hey i have a juv female columbian redtail and im going to pick up a male for her soon just have nno idea what to get, any ideas would be helpfull and also what types of babies can i get from breeding her?

02/15/12  08:04pm


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  Message To: Leiteman89   In reference to Message Id: 2255455

 What should i breed to my female albino

just get an albino male :-) lol i know thats not what you wanted to hear but that is what i would do.

02/16/12  10:52am


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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2255527

 What should i breed to my female albino

What I would do, is research the variety of morphs out there, decide what you would like, and then see if you could produce that specific morph by breeding to your female.

Some options could be jungles het albino, hypo het albino, albino jungles, sunglows, motley het albino, albino motley...

02/16/12  04:40pm


Jon whittington
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  Message To: Herps4me   In reference to Message Id: 2255577

 What should i breed to my female albino

Hi There,

I have a motley het albino,I believe a normal motley, and recently a albino motley.I would breed to some type of motley.They are very beautiful snakes.You have a lot of time to think about it.How many months is she?

Jon Whittington

02/16/12  08:28pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Jon whittington   In reference to Message Id: 2255624

 What should i breed to my female albino

Is there a reason you are breeding? I just ask because there seems to be a lot of boas out there looking for homes- so many neglected ones because they get big, then people dont want to take care of them, then they house a male and female together and then are overrun with you let them out into the everglades or your local park... stupid laws get made that say I cant own my pet Ive had 4 years... and the cycle continues...

If you have between 15 and 60 friends who want boas, or live somewhere that the market isnt over-saturated, great! Just be sure you are breeding for the right reasons. You will not make a ton of money on it- in fact in all likelyhood, if you get everything you need (rack and tubs and water dishes and heat for each baby, weekly food X as many weeks as it takes you to rehome them (and you shouldnt until they have taken 2 meals without skipping) times the number of snakes = way more than you will ever make selling them unless you luck out.

That said, breeding Albino to Albino has been resulting in a lot of eye and other genetic problems. Amie would probably ask you what results you wish to get out of the breeding. Is your snake just albino, or is it double or triple het for other characteristics?

02/17/12  08:01am

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