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 ?’s on feeding schedule for babies

Not sure if the title is what i’m asking, but I’m glad it got your attention. Ok...11/16 baby boas have had their first shed. 7 of those took there first meal. They were born on Jan 20th, so they will be 2 wks old tomorrow. I’m offering the mice (6 grams-ish) with tongs, and the other 4 do not seem interested at the moment. Should I offer every other day or leave the baby mouse in there for a bit. The mice are not large enough to bite, they don’t even have their eyes open yet, so do you think it wise? I’ll probably have to euthanize them soon b/c they don’t have a momma to nurse off of. Have you had experience feeding F/T to first time eaters? I can always get more if I need to.

Oh, and as for the title...every 5 days?

And then one more question to get your opinion. I have them on aspen right now to help with shedding. Do you move your babies to newspaper or paper towel after they shed? Or leave the aspen in there?

By the way...all 16 are doing really well. I’ll take photos after they have all digested their first meal. Oh, and there are two moonglows and one snow, not the other way around like I first thought!!

Thank you heaps!


02/02/12  11:49pm


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  Message To: Herps4me   In reference to Message Id: 2253779

 ?’s on feeding schedule for babies

If i where you i would feed then on newspaper so that they don’t eat bedding, not saying they will but it could happen. my friends babies did not eat for a while after they where born. and yes you can leave mice in there just as long as they cant bite. my 4 foot red-tailed boa take about 30 min to finally eat his mouse. so that is why i have to feed frozen so i don’t have to sit there and watch him. but other then that it sounds like you are doing it right it just take some time for some to eat :-)

hope this helps :-)

02/03/12  12:22am


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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2253784

 ?’s on feeding schedule for babies

There’s a guy on KSL in Grantsville ...forget his name at the moment. Selling his babies born last Nov. Good ,looking boas too.

My point is ....he could answer your questions to the letter if you want to contact him. He is a nice guy and posts on another forum quite a bit. What part of Ut are you in ....I am in SLC, sugar house.
I have so many reptiles in house I raise rodents and sell them too.


02/04/12  07:08pm

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