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Mirjana   Fairy Frog Mother  

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 Peeled Nose

I’ve got a nine year old boa constrictor that’s about 2 meters long. I’ve recently noticed that it’s nose scales peeled off and they are not growing back. I’ll take some pictures and send them to you soon. The snake’s terrarium has a stainless steel mesh for ventilation. She might be rubbing her nose against it to try to escape. I’d appreciate if you could tell me how to make the scales grow back or at least accelerate the process.

I apologize if my english is not accurate :)

12/21/11  01:21pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Mirjana   In reference to Message Id: 2247988

 Peeled Nose

Rubbing is most likely the cause. Time and if theres any way to stop her from rubbing on the vents are what it takes. Watch for any signs of infection in the area- but other than that- there isnt much you can do. They can do it so much that they get scar tissue.

12/23/11  07:57am

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