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 Is birch ok?

I had a really cool lookin branch fall out of my birch tree. I know cedar and pine can be toxic to boas but what about birch? Do you think it would be ok to put this birch branch in his enclosure?

11/29/11  09:42pm


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  Message To: Naz420   In reference to Message Id: 2245690

 Is birch ok?

Birch is it a dead branch? Standing dead trees are the best source for branches as they have dried out long ago and have no sap /oils remaining...

If in doubt hunt for a real dead branch or cut the one you have and check for any green under the bark’ll know if it is dead or not.

Peel the bark off and make sure there are no creepy crawlies living in or on the branch....there are 2 ways to treat a branch ...oven bake or tub soak, water with bleach ...the bleach method might take some turning to evenly cover all sides of the branch ...also you have to rinse and dry out for a few days.

12/04/11  01:45pm

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