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 Sick sand boa :( HELP!

About a week ago my friend and I went to a reptile expo and I purchased my first snake, a sand boa.
(I have a wide variety of other reptiles but never had been much into snakes until seeing this cute little guy at the show)

My friend also bought a sandy that was about an half and inch smaller but both looked very healthy.
(They were both about the size of a pencil.)

Before putting them in their cages we added 1/4 inch of water to the deli cups they were in so they could hydrate for about 10 mins.

Enclosures set up, mine was set up in a 10 gallon with a heating pad under one half of the tank.

And the guy we bought them from said they were fed a week ago and were ready to eat again, so just a day after my sandy being in his new home, he ate with out a problem and it doing fantastic. Sweet personality and growing like crazy, it seems.

But my friends sandy is acting quite strange, completely submerging itself if its little water dish for about five minutes at a time and not burrowing at all... so she took out the water dish in fear it would drown or cause other problems.

After many failed attempts to get hers to eat, my friend was very worried and had me pick it up to try to nurse it back to health.

I picked her up from her place last night and she was stiff cold and didn’t move in my hand. Right when I got home I put her in the tank with my other one on the side with the heating pad and covered her with the sand chips in hopes that she would warm up quickly and spark up a bit.

After a few hours she stretched out from his tight curl and seemed to be doing better.
Seeing as how it had been a week and a half since her last meal, I tried to feed her but she didn’t look interested in the least. I tried for thirty minutes to get her to feed and she just stayed there... not interested at all.

Checking her over, I noticed her eyes seemed a bit cloudy, perhaps about to shed? So I figured I’d leave her be for the time being.

She also has a funny way of moving...nothing like my other snake at all. Very quirky and wraps around herself in an odd way.
Also, she doesn’t flick its tongue at all...

Hopefully the images load correctly so you can have a better picture as to what I’m talking about...

I really hope I can get some help because I would just feel horrible if I didn’t do something that could save its life.
Thank you.


Chleo right after picking her up from my friends....stayed like this for over an hour, stiff.

Chleo (after a few hours on the heating pad side, moving a little bit) and Corby my baby on the bottom.

11/24/11  07:37pm


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2245230

 Sick sand boa :( HELP!

Well she died...

11/25/11  12:34am


Fire Fox
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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2245248

 Sick sand boa :( HELP!

It’s unfortunate to lose them, especially when you try your best to help :( I’m not sure what might have killed it, but from the mention of odd movements, maybe something neurological? Again, I’m not sure but I suggest keeping an eye on yours since you had your friend’s in the same tank as yours. If it had something that could be passed to yours, you’ll want to make sure that you notice it sooner rather than later. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, a vet visit is highly recommended.

11/25/11  11:04am


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  Message To: Fire Fox   In reference to Message Id: 2245262

 Sick sand boa :( HELP!

Corby is doing fantastic, growing, eating, just great.
Trying to find the vendor I got the snakes from online via pictures’s quite difficult. even if I did find it I doubt they would do anything. It was probably just a sick snake :/

11/26/11  04:30pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2245341

 Sick sand boa :( HELP!

Sorry she was lost...but Id like to point out here you took considerable risk of infecting your snake by putting them in together. Not only the stress of being moved several times, but the competition for the best spots for thermal regulation, and sharing of bacterial infection can cause further problems. Best practice (for the future) is to quarantine a sick animal away from others.
Her illness could have been a birth defect, something neurological that she had since birth. A vet would have been the way to go- in many states if its within two weeks of getting a pet and its sick, the breeder has to refund or replace the animal if its sick when you get it (or is responsible for the vet bills)
Good luck with your baby, and I hope it remains healthy!

12/02/11  06:30am


Miss Hemmings
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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2245248

 Sick sand boa :( HELP!

sorry for your loss...................................................................

02/16/15  12:38am

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