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Fire Fox
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 Update and future additions

Hello all, it’s been awhile lol. Just updating on my Boa and showing off two new additions I will be getting in the future. These new boas will be in my care because their owner will be off in the armed forces.

A couple of pics of the larger Boa, Sesshoumaru. He is seven years old and has an old tail injury from a rat that was left in with him. This was by a previous owner, not his current one.

Hard to really get a nice size comparison, but he is a bout 6ft and a few inches using the string method. He’s such a nice tempered boy too lol.

This is Bones, the other boa I will be getting. He is a 4year old Nic. Boa. Now that I look at this picture, it kinda looks like he wanted to bite XD

Just a cute picture of him.

And finally my Boa. As of right now, she is still going by Hypo/Hog Island Boa...She still doesn’t have a proper name either. I was thinking of calling her Dita though. I’m up for any suggestions~

Best and favorite picture I have of any of my animals. I just love how clear her eye came out in it.

I love that she seems to be keeping her colors very nicely as she’s been growing. Anyway, enjoy~

11/18/11  09:32pm


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  Message To: Fire Fox   In reference to Message Id: 2244688

 Update and future additions

beautiful snakes! i have a question about your hypo hog. i have a hog and she changes colors all day from very dark to very light its very cool, every time i take her out she looks different. does yours do this as well? or do they lose that when crossbred?

11/25/11  09:27pm


Fire Fox
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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2245289

 Update and future additions

I have noticed that she does tend to look lighter or darker every now and then. When she’s dark, she looks completely different with blacks and greys all over. The pictures I have are when she was light. I’ll try to get pictures of her when she’s dark. I was wondering though: Are any other Boas capable of going into light and darker phases, or is it something that only Hogs can do?

11/26/11  11:49am

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