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 Amazon tree or columbian boas at reptile show?

tomorrow is the reptile show in oklahoma city, and I’m hoping that I’ll come across a garden atb or columbian boa.

Ive only been able to save up 40 dollars for the show, so do you think I’ll get lucky and find either one for around that price? My mom might throw in some if I need her to. I’ll probably have a better chance at finding a columbian because I think I only saw 4 or 5 atb’s last year.

But also are there any other boas or pythons around that range? Im trying to figure out my options and set something up before the show so I dont just come across something and bring it home

Any tips/suggestions/or even pics would be awesome!

06/24/11  07:47pm


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  Message To: Bpowner0651   In reference to Message Id: 2226513

 Amazon tree or columbian boas at reptile show?

you’ve probably decided on something by now as your post is pretty old, but you MIGHT find some garden phase ATBs for around that price. I’d be willing to bet you can certainly find a Ball python for $40. I’ve not heard of any other boas being quite that inexpensive but reptile shows would certainly be your best bet. Should be able to find something for not much more than $40 though.

04/13/12  06:16pm

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