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 Good show chickens?

I have to raise 15 chickens from day old chicks to show with my 4-H group. But my question is, what breed? They have to be purebred, docile, preferably bantams, easy to tame, and pretty. You may have already seen my recent post asking whether sebrights are aggressive, aggressive or not, I’m still getting 2. But I still need 14 more birds ( I’m gonna have a spare, just in case ) and I don’t want ALL sebrights. I’ve looked at Frizzles, Silkies, Polish, Sizzles, and Appenzeller Spizthaubens. The Frizzles seemed nice, but then I read that most of the time they are aggressive and not at all friendly. Silkies seemed good, too, but they seemed hard to keep clean. Polish chickens looked nice and I’d seen that they do good in shows, but their "head floof" makes it hard for them to see and that they get beat up a lot. I read that Sizzles aren’t too common, and that Appenzellers take a lot of room. I don’t know what breed to pick! Plz help in any way u can!

08/24/16  10:02am

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