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 Duck help

I have 4 ducklings, 2 runners and 2 welsh harlequins. They stay inside for now and got out side during the day. Twice now on hot days when I have went to give them more food and water the one runner duck was laying on its side stiff and hot feeling, so I put him or her in the sink and ran some cold water on the duckling and it drank some too, I also saw the water was gone, I was wondering if it may have just gotten too hot and didn’t have water right away? Or if there could be something else wrong? Both time it came around and seemed fine after about 10-15 minutes. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. This is the first time this has happed. I had 2 runners before but they were killed by animals, now I have 2 adults im not sure what breed, and a Peking, and a cacky campbell, I never saw this in any of them or the other ducklings the runner is with.

07/04/13  11:21pm

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