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Cassielehman   Cobo  

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 It wont sstop yelling DX (cockatoo) help o-e

ok so my mom got a 5 year old cockatoo and she wont stop screaming whats wrong with her o-e shes like plucking her feathers and when she dose she starts screaming.

07/01/13  05:20pm


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  Message To: Cassielehman   In reference to Message Id: 2299149

 It wont stop yelling DX (cockatoo) help o-e

sounds to me like she is stressed, for the feather issue try a product called bitter apple, follow the bottles instructions. for the yelling try a mirror, put one in her cage,also move her from the place she is now, play with her/him, let her come out the cage , remember make sure she has 1 of her wings feathers clipped not all, like the first 7-8. also some toys.. try these thing and let me know what happends.. cobo..

08/24/13  11:24am

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