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 Fruits or vegetables?

What fruits or vegetables can i feed my parakeets?

02/13/13  02:18pm


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  Message To: KitKat12   In reference to Message Id: 2291972

 Fruits or vegetables?

Try apples. Parakeets, cockatiels and conures love apples. Also ok are pears, oranges, grapefruit, grapes (seedless), watermelon (again, no seeds), strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries (not the phone lol)... corn, peas, carrots...

And most certainly beans & legumes. Not only they can have beans and legumes (pardon my poor grammar there), but they SHOULD have beans and legumes.

Pretty much any and all fruits and veggies humans can eat, but avoid lettuce, celery and cucumber due to low nutrient content.

02/19/13  03:42am


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  Message To: Gnurph   In reference to Message Id: 2292396

 Fruits or vegetables?

How do i get them to eat apples? I put a piece of an apple in the cage and they didnt pay any attention to it.

02/19/13  07:59pm


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  Message To: KitKat12   In reference to Message Id: 2292425

 Fruits or vegetables?

Where and how in the cage, did you put the apple?

It really depends on the bird... I’ve had pet birds my entire life; 3 parakeets, 4 cockatiels and 1 conure (well, technically 2 of the parakeets and 1 of the cockatiels were my mom’s) and they have all had very different personalities. And with that comes different ways to coax them to do certain things (or not do certain things).

That said, what typically works for parakeets is eat something in front of them- I had a parakeet that simply HAD to have anything and everything I had. Actually, most of my birds have been that way. I call it ’paying the birdie tax’. Anyways, if you and your parakeets are good friends, chances are they’ll see you eating an apple and take an interest in it, want to try it. Might not work the 1st, 2nd or 7th time, but eventually I’ll wager.

My birds require that I share apples, bananas and oranges with them, and these are things I eat rather frequently.

02/20/13  04:40am


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  Message To: Gnurph   In reference to Message Id: 2292446

 Fruits or vegetables?

Safe fruit & veggies. I offer all these raw. If I can’t offer them raw they don’t get it. Also try herbs & cut back on the fruit. Offer more veggies & leafy greens, less fruit.

Asian Raisin (japanese raisin, hovenia)
Apple (sparingly, seeded)
Acerola Cherry (barbados cherry, wild crepemyrtle )
Achacha (seeded)
African Cucumber (horned melon)
Barbados Cherry (acerola, wild crepemyrtle)
Beans (fresh)
Beetroot and Leaves
Berries (any in season)
Bok Choy, Pak Choy (any asian green)
Brazillian Grape (jaboticaba)
Broccoli and Broccolini and Leaves and Stems (broccoli leaves are very high in Vitamin A)
Bush Lemon
Capsicums and Seed, all colours (red is the highest in vitamin A)
Carambola (star fruit)
Carrots and Carrot Tops (Slightly steam carrots to release beta-carotene. Over steaming or cooking can cause them to lose the beta-carotene. Carrot Tops raw)
Cauliflower and Stem and Leave
Cayenne Chilli
Celery and Leaves (sparingly)
Cherries (pitted)
Chilli and Seed, any (red is the highest in vitamin A)
Citrus Fruits and Seeds (all citrus. Seeds high in antioxidants )
Cos Lettuce
Curly Lettuce (any other dark green or red lettuce)
*Cucumber (including skin and seed)
Custard Apple (soursop, sugar apple) (seeds removed)
Dragon Fruit (pitaya)
Eggplant Fruit (on many toxic plant lists however the skinned fruit itself is safe. The toxic parts are the leaf, branches and the skin)
Feijoa Fruit
Figs (sparingly, please remember although they’re eaten by wild Eclectus, our captive Eclectus are not as active and fit as a wild Eclectus)
Finger Lime (citrus caviar)
Grapes, skins and Seeds
Guava and Seed
Goji Berry
Honeydew Melon
Horned Melon (african cucumber)
Hovenia (japanese raisin, asian raisin)
Jaboticaba (brazillian grape)
Japanese Raisin (asian raisin, hovenia)
Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke)
Kiwi Fruit
Lilly Pilly Fruit
Lime, Lemon or Orange (any citrus, particularly the seed and rind)
Lychee Loquat
Momblin Fruit
Nashi Pear and Seed
Palm Hearts
Passion Fruit
Paw Paw and Seeds
Pears and Seeds (different colours and varieties)
Peanut Butter Fruit (very sparingly, higher content of sugar than dried figs)
Pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds)
* Persimmons (ripe or over ripe)
Pitaya (yellow dragon fruit)
Plums, Apricot, Peaches (when in season and pips removed)
Pumpkin and Seeds (Japanese and butternut are the sweeter ones and most favoured)
Radish and Tops (can be grated to release anti oxidants)
Red Giant Mustard Greens
Red Mignonette Lettuce
Red Mizuna
Rockmelon and Seeds
Sapote Fruit
Silver Beet (not to be mistaken for Spinach)
Snow Peas or Sugar Snap Peas
Soursop (sugar apple, custard apple)
*Spinach (not to be mistaken for Silverbeet)
Star Fruit (carambola)
Sweet Potato
Sugar Apple (soursop, custard apple)
Tomato (leaves and branches are toxic to parrots. Only offer the fruit. Ok in moderation)
Turnips and Turnip Tops (can be grated to release anti oxidants)
Watermelon and Seeds
Wild crepemyrtle (barbados cherry, acerola)
Yam (not sweet potato)

03/15/13  12:29am


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  Message To: KitKat12   In reference to Message Id: 2292425

 Fruits or vegetables?

Yes I agree that it also depends upon the birds, but other than apple you must also give another fruit to him in the cage.
Vince Doran
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03/23/13  01:49am

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