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The Lone Glider
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 Blue and Gold Macaw

I am getting my first Blue and Gold Macaw next Friday! This is what I have found diet wise, Does anyone know of anything else? or anything wrong with it? I want to make sure everything is perfect! I have wanting and been researching since I was 5! I am now older and have found the right one! Here is the diet:1. Fruit
Grapes, oranges, bananas, melons -- just about any kind of fruit imaginable is good for your bird. Full of taste and various vitamins, fruit is a wonderful source of nutrients and is a favorite among the vast majority of pet birds. As with any fresh food you offer your bird, remove and discard any leftovers a couple of hours after serving. This prevents bacteria growth inside of your pet’s cage!
2. Beans
Beans, beans, the magical fruit... They’re good for you and good for your bird, too! Beans are an outstanding source of protein for your feathered friend. Try boiling a 15 bean soup mix without any seasoning. Allow the beans to cool, and then offer a scoop to your bird. Chances are that this will become a fast favorite with your little friend. Remember to never serve raw beans to your pet, as some varieties can be poisonous unless cooked.
3. Sprouts
Do you like alfalfa sprouts on your salad? Your bird will like them too! Be sure to thoroughly wash any sprouts that you offer your bird. Some may have come into contact with pesticides in their journey from the garden to your local supermarket, and you don’t want to pass these toxins on to your pet.
4. Vegetables
Wild birds feast on an amazing variety of vegetables in their natural habitats, so it only makes sense that fresh veggies are good for captive birds as well. Try offering your pet some thoroughly cleansed broccoli, cauliflower, or greens next time you serve these veggies in your home. Other avian favorites include carrots, asparagus, and peas.
5. Pasta
No matter whether it’s cooked or uncooked, birds love pasta. The good thing is, it’s full of energy enhancing carbohydrates! Try boiling some bowtie pasta with vegetables and serving it to your bird when cool. If your pet prefers his pasta crunchy, fill a few raw macaroni noodles with peanut butter for a fun and tasty snack.
6. Bread
Whole grain breads taste great, and are a wonderful source of fiber. Try offering your pet small bites of bread as a treat for good behavior. Your pet will think he’s in hog heaven!
7. Popcorn
Believe it or not, many pet birds enjoy snacking on popcorn! You can serve your bird either popped or unpopped kernels. If you choose to serve the popcorn unpopped, boil the kernels for a bit in plain water to soften the tough hulls. If you desire, you can pop the kernels for your bird using a very light amount of pure vegetable oil. Be sure to never give your bird microwave popcorn. These varieties are extremely high in fat and salt, which can be harmful to your pet’s health.
8. Cereal / Grains
Grain farmers often complain when flocks of wild birds descend on their crops to feast. A hungry group of birds can strip a field of grain in no time -- because grains are nutritious, and very good for them! Whole grains are another good source of vital protein, not to mention beneficial carbohydrates. Try serving your bird oats or shredded wheat, and watch the feeding frenzy begin!
9. Nuts
Nuts are extremely high in fat, and should be used sparingly to prevent obesity in your pet. They are, however, very tasty, and many birds appreciate them as special treats. Nuts can be used as exercise toys as well as treats, many birds will spend hours exercising their beak and jaw muscles on the shells of some varieties. Always make sure that any nuts that you serve your bird are clean and unsalted.
10. Peppers
It seems that our avian friends lack the taste receptors that pick up on a pepper’s stinging bite, which makes them a favorite of birds around the world. fresh chile or banana pepper and watch him chomp through it to get to the meat and seeds inside. Right? anything I’m missing?

12/15/12  01:11am


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2287637

 Blue and Gold Macaw

Also try a little meat. Chunks of ham, chicken and turkey. Yes, it’s a bird eat bird out there.

Also, birds (at least tropical species that I know of) require sunlight. Not constant direct sunlight, however. I have my birds set up near the window, where the sun doesn’t shine directly. And they can and do climb out to where it’s beaming down on them.

Most birds will want to try aanything and everything that their human eats. That’s both good and bad. Try to avoid giving your avian friend junk food (which is harder than it sounds).

Most important thing you can give your bird is love, attention and affection. They absolutely thrive on it.

01/06/13  02:39pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Gnurph   In reference to Message Id: 2289005

 Blue and Gold Macaw

I feed 4 hours with him, and he will let me pet him but no one else can touch him. and when we went to pick him up, we found he is not the tamest.. He nails are very long and so is his beak and he looks like he’s been over preening, and he does NOT like men.. and that is not all, he was kept on a seed diet, he has scratches on his face, and his cage has alot of rust on it , he has no toys.. I got him a lot of toys, and a better cage and he is on a pellet diet and all of the above food, but my vet is gone out of town and I haven’t been able to locate another.. and since he will only let women near him I can’t go to just anyone.. I love him to death he is so talkative and seems to really love me, but I can tell he is in pain with his nails and his beak.. (his beak is also chipping layers at a time.. ) My vet in due back next month.. BUT Thankfully I was able to contact a rescue in the next state over who is a vet! I am taking him in next friday because that is the only time she was able to do it.. I hope he is okay..

01/07/13  11:04pm


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2289092

 Blue and Gold Macaw

Poor birdie. My cockatiels (2, male & female) are rescues. It was weeks before they stopped cringing, and about a year before they were handlable. Neglect is a terrible terrible terrible thing to do to a bird, which it sounds like he was neglected. And as for the not liking men bit, my conure doesn’t hate men, but exhibits a very strong preference for females (particularly my wife). It’s common for birds to prefer the company of the opposite gender, whether bird or human.

It seems like you’re doing what you can to rehabilitate and spoil your bird. But you should definitely get a new cage. Rust isn’t good for them, and be sure the new cage is big enough. Also wooden branch-style perches are the best, never the ’nail trimming’ special rough perches, those cause painful scratches on the birds feet & possibly face.

01/15/13  05:29am


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Gnurph   In reference to Message Id: 2289679

 Blue and Gold Macaw

I already had a cage, it is one of those really really big ones.. it’s the largest you can buy. I put him in that and he had one of those rough perches, and I replaces it with wood ones, several. He has a lot of toys and I have a lot more of them too. He is defiantly getting better with me, He lets me open his wings and rub under them, and rub his neck and back, and scratch his head. BUT it has to be when no one else is around.. Other wise he gets really nervous.. My family is now starting to work with him too so he will really be part of the fam. I took him in to a vet, and she said he is negative for rust poisoning type thing and parasites and whatnot. she clipped wings and nails and trimmed his beak a little. I have another apt. with my vet when she gets back the 24th. Also, I know its important for birds to have baths, but he won’t do it..

01/15/13  02:00pm


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2289700

 Blue and Gold Macaw

When he’s ready for a bath, he’ll let you know some way. My cockatiels refuse to take baths in the sink, but will occasionally dunk themsleves in their drinking water. And my conure will make a splashig-type sound when it wants a bath, and even then may not go in the sink. When your macaw eventually gets around to bathing, I can only imagine how stinky he’ll be! (wet birds = smelly birds!)

01/20/13  08:29pm


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  Message To: Gnurph   In reference to Message Id: 2290112

 Blue and Gold Macaw

if you have any old phone books hang it on the bars and let him rip up the paper. This stimulates their minds when they are lock in their cages. or you can put him on the edge of a storage bin with papers to rip up but this one is alot messier. My blue and gold goes crazy for paper.

01/27/13  03:51pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Nileowner   In reference to Message Id: 2290623

 Blue and Gold Macaw

Thanks! I did that and Rio did love it! I took him to the vet and the blood test came back clean. and they said he was really healthy.:) Thanks for all the help, I am usually in frog/toad forums and monitor and iguana, and leo. Lol. Mainly lizards and while I do take care of quite a few birds, never had a macaw. but its always been a dream.He is really becoming attached to me so I am making the rest of my family interest with him more so he can know he is really part of the family.:)

02/02/13  11:39am

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