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Tainted Wolfe   AnoleQueeeeen  

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Tainted Wolfe
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 Rehabilitating An African Grey

I’ve been working with my parent’s female African Grey parrot named Zelda, for about a week and a half now in efforts to rehabilitate her to being the happy, friendly parrot I can tell she wants to be but is too frightened. She’s roughly 20-25yrs of age that I know of.

First off I’ll tell you a little bit about her history..

What we know about first owner : She was kept with a couple Macaws that picked on her a lot to the point of plucking her feathers, so they adopted her out..

Second owner : Was an elderly couple who she was most attentive to the elderly man whom pasted away a couple years ago. The elderly woman had no time with her constantly being gone between work and family she had no time for the bird, so she adopted her out to my parents...

While with my parents, she didn’t get socialized all that much either beyond a hey Zelda or a dog sniffing at the cage beyond food... One day I was visiting I decided to try and give her a peanut.. Scared at first she timidly took it from me and began to eat it.. So I asked if they would allow me to take her home and work with her where I could see her every day..

So far, it’s only been about a week maybe two now. I’ve gotten her to gently touch my hand with her beak without bruising me finally >< and we’ve also gotten her to dance ( she gets really excited when she see’s bananas ) and lately we’ve been attempting to teach her ’step-up’.. We haven’t gotten her to talk yet, but she appears to get excited when she see’s me or my fiance coming to say hello or work with her a little bit. Also when I have visitors I’ve been working with her to where she will accept treats from guests.

Firstly, I’m curious if I’m doing anything wrong or if anyone has any advice for working with her?

Secondly, When we work with her to try and teach her ’step up’ she reaches out and touches our fingers with her foot but doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of step up. How can I better my technique so that when she reaches out she actually steps up on my fingers without withdrawing after the touch?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, I’ve never actually owned a parrot before though I’ve read a lot about their care and training. I’ve grown to love Zelda and she has so much potential, and I can see that she is eager to learn.

11/13/12  03:36am


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  Message To: Tainted Wolfe   In reference to Message Id: 2285273

 Rehabilitating An African Grey

I’ve always wanted an African Grey! They are so talkative and smart. Keep up your great work ;)

12/05/12  08:41pm

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