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GreyBaku   HorseGirl98  

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 Common Chick Sickness?

What is the name of that common chick sickness? (Mostly effects chicks and young chickens)
I can’t quite research it all the way, but the symptoms include bloody/thick mucus, troubled breathing, lack of food/water consumption, weakness, loss of weight, ect. I can’t find the name of the sickness but I read somewhere that 10% of chicks don’t survive, and in my case its true.
I would at least like to find out what the name of this sickness is?

07/19/12  01:29pm


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  Message To: GreyBaku   In reference to Message Id: 2273938

 Common Chick Sickness?

Is it Coccidiosis?

08/07/12  07:06pm

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