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HorseGirl98   Crotus  

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 My hen just died!!! :(

Penny was down in her pen with the other chickens, and then she started having seizures! she died a few seconds later. :( She was only a year old.

Something got two of her chicks about 1 week or 2 ago, so we made her a little house out of hay and covered it with chicken wire. we let her and her babies out once a day for about half an hour so they could catch bugs and get some fresh air. We had food and water in the house for her and her chicks. She was out with the other chickens when she died.

Does anyone know why she died? Any help would be appreciated! :)
here’s a picture of her! this was taken a few months ago.

06/06/12  04:57pm


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  Message To: HorseGirl98   In reference to Message Id: 2269041

 My hen just died!!! :(

I’m just speculating but t’s possible she could have been accidentally poisoned... Birds sometimes mistake things like fertilizer granules spread over the ground, as food, so you need to be careful about that...

07/12/12  04:45pm

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