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Kayrandazzo   Rudyolph  

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I’m looking around for a african grey in the Newyork area. I need some information about them. And which african grey is best for a family.

12/11/11  01:38pm


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In Rochester there is an awesome bird store called Birds Unlimited. The owner is a no nonsense man and if you haven’t done your research on owning a grey he will not sell it to you. So make sure you are absolutely positive on what you are getting yourself into and do your research.

I don’t really think a congo or timneh necessarily makes a better family bird over the other. For that you really have to spend time with individual birds until you find one that is compatible with you. It really is one of those things where the bird chooses you instead of you choosing the bird.

Again..I can’t stress enough to do your research. Grey’s are a huge responsibility.

04/01/12  03:54pm

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