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Shadow dragon   The Lone Glider   Gnurph  

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Shadow dragon
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 Snickers is hissing. Normal?

Snickers is hissing at me and I don’t know why! Then she kept biting me. I think she was hungry though, because she attacked the food bowl when I put her back in her cage.

11/27/11  01:59am


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Shadow dragon   In reference to Message Id: 2245401

 Snickers is hissing. Normal?

Lol. What type of bird is Snickers? She may have just been Grumpy. My cockatiel gets that way and then starts screaming.:)

09/25/12  04:19pm


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2281389

 Snickers is hissing. Normal?

My 2 Cockatiels are rescues. When we first got them, all they did was hiss, lash out and huddle in the corner as far from people as they could. It’s been 5 years, but now they are very handle-able, affectionate. They do get a little mean when they feel threatened, more than any other Cockatiel I’ve ever had. And all Cockatiels do and will hiss.

01/06/13  02:31pm

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