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My indoor duck ate a small toy snake made out of rubber (actually not sure what it was made of) but it was made to look real, real enough that my duck took it for a worm and gobbled it down before I could catch him!

Is he gonna be ok ? Is it going to pass in his poop?

What should I do ??

08/18/11  08:13pm


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Take him to the vet or a wildlife center, he prolly needs to be operated on. My seagull ate a fishing hook and needed to be operated on, if you tell the wild life center that he is a wild duck they will operate on him for free and you can request to be there when the "release" him back into his habitat. When the release him you can take him back home. My excellent strategy for avoiding paying the local vet several hundred dollars, its a win win for everyone. Good luck.

08/21/11  05:54am

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