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Dalime   Shadow dragon  

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 Might sound a bit stupid..

This might sound a bit stupid, but I’ve been taking owning birds for granted. "Oh, just another pet". But now I realize that they are living, being things, relying on MY care to survive. (Plus they can fly too, which is pretty cool)

01/09/11  01:02pm


Shadow dragon
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  Message To: Dalime   In reference to Message Id: 2197258

 Might sound a bit stupid..

I felt exactly the same. You know what mine did today? She bit my ear, my neck twice, and my chin. It hurt a little bit. I give her my attention and love and what do i get in return? I think she was really hungry though, cuz when I put her up she attacked the food. How did I start typing about that?

11/27/11  01:51am

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