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 Help please

I work at a petstore and we have some parakeets that where brought in to us...they are loosing the feathers around there eyes what does this mean I have been researching and the only thing i can find is mites or alergic to wheat
I appriciate all your help

11/30/10  08:22pm


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 Help please

well.. I’m not a bird expert, but I have had 2 finches and 3 canaries. My latest canary’s name is Ray, and he lost feathers all over his head. He didn’t have mites- I think he was just molting because it grew back. They could all be molting by coincedence but I think they could be fighting or they have mites. Did you search for mites? They could also be fighting and plucking out eachothers feathers. They could be bored or stressed. How big is the cage that you’re keeping them in? Do they have any toys in with them? If so- are they colorful?

12/23/10  10:38pm

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