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 Adopted Canary With Respiratory Infection

So I had to adopt a Canary (long story) with a non contagious respiratory infection. The exotics vet we have up where I live isn’t very good but she was taken to her before she was in my care and given medication. The canary looks fine, jumps around, eats a lot, and sits in his/her nest. She/he is puffed up... but thats the only thing that looks odd. Im wondering if there is any way I can tell myself if she/he has a respiratory infection.

06/07/10  08:39am


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 Adopted Canary With Respiratory Infection

well.. I have no idea what a respiratory infection is, but I’m just gonna assume its a sickness. I have had several canaries before, but they got sick and died. If your new little guy is looking normal and acting fine, then chances are he is fine. Some signs of sickness are:

only lurking around the bottom of the cage (not using perches)

not eating/drinking

flared up nares/cere

12/26/10  01:41pm

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