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William kimmy   Shadow dragon   Dalime  

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William kimmy
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 My Lovebird and her posse.

Hi..just wanna share my birds..its my lovebird Love, and my budgies Steve and Zoey. Im thinking of rescuing and adopting another love bird as a friend for my love bird.

And this is my other budgie Tweety...but she failed to live and got to live her life for only 5 years...

They are very adorable and we all love each other very i just wanna say that all animals deserve respect and that every owner should give their best for their pets.

01/26/09  09:22pm


Shadow dragon
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  Message To: William kimmy   In reference to Message Id: 1940413

 My Lovebird and her posse.

Am I crazy, or is there a shoe on a hook in their cage?

11/27/11  02:12am


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  Message To: Shadow dragon   In reference to Message Id: 2245404

 My Lovebird and her posse.

Haha no I see it too.

02/14/12  12:44pm

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