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 Ur animals

name all the animals u own:3 horses,1fish,15 chickens,4 dogs,4 cats,1 mouse.....u?

01/01/08  08:24pm


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  Message To: Brunettefang   In reference to Message Id: 1564555

 Ur animals

I dont consider it ’ownership’ I consider it peacefully coinciding....exisiting with another animal that permits me such privledges what it boils down to is respect...because truthfully any animal can turn if they wanted too..they are of the earth and have spirits...and truth be told any animal is capable of harm...

as for my ’family’ I have 4 horses soon to be five, I have 3 dogs, I have 2 Iguanas a turtle and a U2, I also house 4 alligators, and maintain a few snakes both venomous and non....

01/01/08  09:13pm


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  Message To: Brunettefang   In reference to Message Id: 1564555

 Ur animals

One dog (mini schnauzer)..

One Bird (African Grey)

One Knob Tail Gecko

One Pictus Gecko

8 Leopard Geckos

Good idea!! Do you have pictures of your pets??


01/01/08  09:13pm


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  Message To: Xanadu   In reference to Message Id: 1564669

 Ur animals

hey im owned by
3 iggies
1 green cheek conure
2 love birds
2 chickens
1 savannah monitor
2 cats (one is preg)
5 rats
4 box turtles
a ball python

thats it for me

01/01/08  10:38pm


Gecko craze
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  Message To: JessiM   In reference to Message Id: 1564797

 Ur animals

I have some pictures that I can post pictures of, but I have:

4 geese
7 ducks
26 chickens
4 doves
3 pigeons
2 pheasants
2 zebra finch
2 pygmy goats
1 leopard gecko
1 mini lop rabbit
1 golden retriever
2 cats
12 fish

Wow...I think thats enough for me!

01/02/08  12:20pm


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  Message To: Gecko craze   In reference to Message Id: 1565251

 Ur animals

Here’s all of mine!

50+ chickens. I’ve lost count,lol.
16 ducks
2 pigeons
2 quail
2 goats
4 cats
2 dogs
5 snakes
1 cockatoo
1 cockatiel
1 bearded dragon
8 mice

And I think that’s it! I have pictures too, but I post way too many all the time,lol.

01/02/08  03:04pm


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  Message To: ThatOneGuy   In reference to Message Id: 1565403

 Ur animals

Oh let’s see...
3 Chinese Water Dragons- Chasen-Jade-Crystal
1 ball python-Probait
1 CockerSpan.- Simon
1 GP- Manny
1 teddy bear hamster-BigBoy(biggest teddy I’ve ever seen)
1 Honey Bear hamster-Pooh
1 cocktiel-Birdie
1 crayfish-Larry
2 betas- fooie, Jon
4 goldfish my 6yr old saved from Larry
And we are training a husky named Max that will stay till he is trained.

I think that’s it....You know I use to think maybe we were getting to many pets....but not so much

01/13/08  01:08pm


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  Message To: Lelareed4   In reference to Message Id: 1576967

 Ur animals

I don’t know how I could forget,
2 fire belly toads-Sid and Nancy (cause their toxic)
2 tree frogs-Ozzy and Sharon (cause their hangin in there)
2 anoles- Hyde and Seek
1 praying mantis- mother and her egg sack

I can’t believe I forgot them....I feel so low

01/13/08  01:46pm


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  Message To: Lelareed4   In reference to Message Id: 1577010

 Ur animals

Mine include:
1 Double yellow headed amazon parrot
1 Bearded Dragon
1 Iguana
1 Belgian Malinois
1 German Shepherd
22 Rabbits of various sorts
1 soon to be Dutch Shepherd
and also depending on the time of year - numerous foster puppies, kittens, and wildlife

Can I also include my husband in this - HAHAHAHAHA!

01/14/08  10:20pm


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  Message To: Janettech   In reference to Message Id: 1579193

 Ur animals

jack------dog (pit bull/german shepherd) male
jack------cockatiel (female normal grey)
jill--------cockatiel (female pearl)
rainbow--betta male male
eeyore---long haired syrian hamster male

01/29/08  12:08am


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  Message To: Brunettefang   In reference to Message Id: 1564555

 Ur animals

I have in my pet family who own me are.

Bev Yellow rat snake
Kev Great Plains rat snake
Ruby Syrian hamster
Jules Syrian hamster
Max Zebra Finch
Paddy Zebra Finch
Dude Collie Cross
Anstice Chilean Rose Hair tarantula

And newest addition a Tailless Whip scorpion no name as of yet picking up today not sure on sex any ideas for name.

Take a look at pic for giving a idea.

02/13/08  04:41am


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  Message To: Animalluvver   In reference to Message Id: 1599512

 Ur animals

Tailless Whip any ideas for a name

Bev on right and kev on left




Max male and Paddy female


02/13/08  04:51am


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  Message To: Whallj   In reference to Message Id: 1621847

 Ur animals

I will post photos later!

i got 1 dog (mongral cross lurcher)
2 cats (ticked tabby and black an white shorthair)
2 hermanns tortoise
1 sable ferret
1 dwarf russian hamster
2foot coldwater community aquarium (1 fantail, 1 shubunkin, 4 zebra danio, 1 dwarf coldwater loach)

02/21/08  07:35am


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  Message To: Brunettefang   In reference to Message Id: 1564555

 Ur animals

I am not on here much but here it goes:

1 english bulldog Dozer, almost 3:

2 ((rescued from dumpster)) parakeets, the blue one’s feathers are growing back nicely. No names yet, any ideas?:

4 rats Annie (blue dumbo) Sapphire (albino dumbo) Peanut (beige Dumbo) and Charlie (blue/white rex X normal)

1 Leopard gecko Tang (SHTCTB)

1 ((rescue 4 yrs ago from horrid conditions)) Bearded Dragon Lola, I can never get a good pic of her awake so here is one of her sleeping:

2 ball pythons Mogley (5 yrs old) and "baby snake", 9 months old:

02/24/08  09:07pm


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  Message To: Reflex   In reference to Message Id: 1636663

 Ur animals

2 Burmese Pythons
2 Redtail Boas
1 African Grey Parrot
1 Taby Cat
2 Maine Coon cats
2 Malamutes
1 corgi/shelti mix
1 pit bull/boxer
4 breeder mice
7 pinkies
1 chilian rose hair taranchula
1 Nile Monitor

Soon to be:
2 great danes
2 love birds
1 ball python
1 savanna monitor

02/26/08  09:59am


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  Message To: Crazygirl08   In reference to Message Id: 1638428

 Ur animals

Our current list (sorry, no pics, I’m out of town for work until Monday)....

3 dogs (a Mastiff, a shepherd/husky mix, and an australian shepherd)
2 cats (a DSH and a Persian)
3 ferrets
3 degus
2 cavies
2 rats
3 chinchillas
3 snakes (a CRTB, a ball python, and a kenyan sand boa)
2 lizards (a green ig and a bearded dragon)
1 painted turtle
6 frogs (3 acfs, 2 firebellied toads, and a whites tree frog)
1 timneh african grey parrot
and currently 1 foster dog (a pitbull).

I feel like I’m skipping someone........

02/26/08  03:31pm


Jimi thing
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  Message To: Ferndalezoo   In reference to Message Id: 1638728

 Ur animals

OK why not
5 cats
3 dogs
2 saltwater tanks
1 african grey congo parrot
3 ferrets
1 ball python
1 mountain horned dragon
1 rosie tarantula
and 1 rat

a few pics

04/19/08  11:31pm


Herbivorous Herper
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  Message To: Jimi thing   In reference to Message Id: 1709648

 Ur animals

O_O?!?! Is that cat photoshopped? Errrr.

I live along side:
3 bearded dragons
1 friesian gelding horse
12 male bettas and 3 females
1 corn snake
24 goldfish
2 african clawed frogs in their own tank
2 bloodhounds

Hoping to get a sun conure or a lory soon.

04/19/08  11:39pm


Herbivorous Herper
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  Message To: Herbivorous Herper   In reference to Message Id: 1709656

 Ur animals

oh yeah, more bearded’s coming, as my girl is pregnant. (oh my!)

04/19/08  11:40pm


Jimi thing
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  Message To: Jimi thing   In reference to Message Id: 1709648

 Ur animals

and a few more

04/19/08  11:42pm


Jimi thing
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  Message To: Jimi thing   In reference to Message Id: 1709658

 Ur animals

Haha who rocky? No that’s her colors. She’s a marble bengal

04/19/08  11:49pm


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  Message To: Jimi thing   In reference to Message Id: 1709665

 Ur animals

i dont know how to add pics, but i am definitely going to have to tell my husband that my "zoo" isn’t so big after all!! lol

1 rottweiller, toby
1 lab/pitt mix, lucy
1 german shepard/coyote mix, spirit
3 bearded dragons, atilla, legend and cyra
1 iguana, speedy gonsales
5 hermit crabs
8 fish
1 sun conure, sunshine
1 green cheek conure, momma’s baby bird
1 tangerine ringneck dove, mocha
1 white ringneck dove, snowhite
2 baby doves, offspring (looking for homes)
4 parakeets, tweety, jewel, cole, blueberry
3 baby parakeets, offspring (looking for homes)

not advertising the babies here, cause i know i cant, just meaning that they aren’t going to stay in the zoo.

04/20/08  01:30pm


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  Message To: Xanadu   In reference to Message Id: 1564669

 Ur animals

i have 1 tamed lutino peach face lovebird
1 albino chick lovebird
6 hedgehog
9 dogs

04/14/09  12:39pm


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  Message To: Xanadu   In reference to Message Id: 1564669

 Ur animals

hi my name is ashley your dog is so cute

04/22/09  06:06pm


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  Message To: Mk17rules   In reference to Message Id: 1991059

 Ur animals

1 dog
3 cats (found all from the road)
1 savannah monitor
1 hinged shell turtle
1 some kinda spikey lizard
48 chickens 47 hens - 1 rooster
2 cockatiels
4 turkeys
2 nigerian goats
3 beta fish
2 rabbits

04/25/09  11:17pm


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  Message To: Deadeye   In reference to Message Id: 1993171

 Ur animals

1 Timneh African Grey - Partner
1 Black Cat - Shadow
1 Bearded Dragon - Norbert
1 Veiled Chameleon - Rosie
1 Hamster - Palin


05/03/09  03:43am


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  Message To: Shadow316   In reference to Message Id: 1997400

 Ur animals

I have:
1 corn snake ~ Jynx
2 Mantids ~ Ping and King
2 full grown mice ~ Bee and Niggy
12 baby mice
1 cat ~ Lina
2 dogs ~ Sadie and Daisy
1 goose ~ Moose
2 ducks ~ Bob and Bindi
lots of chickens
1 potbelly pig ~ Pinky
12 cows
3 rabbits ~ Studmuffin, Sally, and Louise

05/07/09  06:36pm


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  Message To: Jynxer50   In reference to Message Id: 2000309

 Ur animals

Currently I don’t have that many animals for me. Pets I have now are:
Two Chinese crested hairless dogs - Tiki and Parker
Four cats - Fidget, Jasmine, Mocha, Biggy
Two Bearded Dragons - Edward (2yrs) Wyatt (7 mths)
One Green Iguana - Cleo
One Quaker Parrot - Otis (Oatmeal)
One Dusky Conure - Nicco
One African Clawed Frog (15 gallon tank)- Juno
One Emerald Cory Catfish (5 gallon by herself) - Mr. Feenie (yes, he is really a she)

Most of those are rescue pets from people who dumped them off at the pet store I work at except Wyatt who was adopted because he has long term medical issues. I don’t believe in buying animals for the most part so I end up with animals no one else wants.

05/18/09  03:25pm


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  Message To: Mk_ms_reptile   In reference to Message Id: 2007105

 Ur animals

Thought I would add pictures to the names.





Rosie is a bit over a year old, Norbert is right around 8 months old, Shadow is around 5 years old and Partner is right around 4 years old.


05/30/09  04:30am


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  Message To: Shadow316   In reference to Message Id: 2013395

 Ur animals

QH -whiskey

cattle dog- Brandy

pitt bull mix-Trooper

10 chickens =) (they were chicks in the pic)

06/01/09  07:49pm

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