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 Sudden Death

Unfortunately my juvenile bearded dragon just past away in my hand...and I’m trying to figure out what went wrong. I got 3 other dragons that are in a very good health. She was only 8 month old, and I tried my best to care for her. Good lighting, heating and UVB, tiles as a substrate, only shop bought bugs. So what happened is that 2 of my dragons could roam my room any time they want. and they would check on my juvenile dragon and then they would go away, and this happened many times, and was no harassing the little one, no black beard, head bobbing or any show of aggression. But this time, when my dragon went there to check on her, she got scared and started rolling around, after that my adult dragon went away probably confused. I have not seen this before, so I unfortunately did not pay attention to it, because she stopped and went to the other side of the terrarium, some time later when I was about to feed her, saw that she has an open mouth, black beard, yawning, with half closed eyes, picked her up, tried to give her some water, tried CPR but she died in my hand. So summing up the events, is it possible that she had a weak heart, got scared and died of a heart attack?

03/19/18  12:51pm

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