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Hey guys, I had to take my Beardy to the vet because he was getting growths on his body that needed to be removed. The vet said that he contracted a rare bacteria that comes from any bearded being outside near another water type enclosure. Costing me about $1000 to get him taken care of. I wanted to send forward this information in case you have your bearded outside in any way. The vet said that it’s better to keep them inside but take them out in the sun to roam. Not leave them there.

The person we bought him from because he’s 8 years old also had a water dragon water terrarium outside. That is where the bacteria originated from and it can appear like an abscess which makes it much harder to diagnose. Another problem is this bacteria can attack humans. So if you start forming scaly like bumps you need to go immediately.

01/31/18  11:53am

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