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 New bearded dragon owner that’s very concerned

Okay, so I have owned my bearded dragon for only 3 days now. I got her from a woman I work with on the 24th it was her brothers and he passed away and she couldn’t keep it. She was going to just toss it outside but I told her I would take it. When it came to me it’s tank was filthy and needed to be cleaned very badly. It’s water dish was a paint tray the kind for paint rollers. And it’s substrate was this very thick mound of pellets that had not been changed in a very long time. She said it had gone a few days without a light cause they couldn’t find it. And she said it wouldn’t move from it’s water bowl and was just sitting in the water. But the day I got it I went out and bought the appropriate lights one for basking and one for imitated sun.
Then today I deep cleaned the tank tossed all the pellets and the dead crickets. Got the terrarium liner,fresh crickets, an actual water dish. Some rocks, and a piece of ceramic tile to bask on and a log. Everything seemed fine but, then my boyfriend noticed her beard was completely black. And it’s been that way for a few hours now. She hasn’t really moved and it seems like she doesn’t want to open her eyes. I feed her some super worms an hour ago so she is eating but still won’t open her eyes. I’m very worried I might have done something wrong. Please help.

12/26/17  10:17pm


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  Message To: NathanU1   In reference to Message Id: 2321679

 New bearded dragon owner that’s very concerned

Hello! I’m new here but from what I’ve read it seems like she’s just getting used to the new things around her. Unless she has some eye infection or something. It’s a good idea to take her to your vet and get her checked out since you got her in those bad conditions. Maybe she’s shedding n has her eyes stuck??...the black beard is just her saying I’m here and this is mine stay away haha.

01/29/18  06:59am

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