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 Help!!! Beardie is not eating, losing weight

So my beardie hasn’t been eating worms or crickets for two months and for those two months I have been syringe feeding him. I give him the emergency powdered supplement called Reptiboost and another from my vet. His activity seems to be normal and he is alert. He has lost weight over the past couple months but that’s understandable. His fecal is clear other than a small amount of normal parasites said the vet. I got a blood test done and his white blood cell count is abnormally high and said it could be an infection. My boyfriend is picking up the antibiotics tomorrow and I really hope that works. He recently had crystals in his urate a week ago and that concerns me as that refers to maybe his kidneys are not working properly. Putting two and two together, it seems that he might have a kidney infection. But I could be wrong. He is pooping ok on his own, but not every day. He will eat when I syringe feed him but not enough. What can I do from here? Please help

11/29/17  01:21pm

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