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 Bearded dragon and water dragon

I’ve had a bearded dragon for about 4 years now and she’s been perfectly calm. I got a Chinese water dragon a few days ago {they are in seperate tanks} and ever since they saw each other from across the room they’ve both been very territorial. My beardie has been head bobbing at him and fluffed her beard at him this morning, and the water dragon won’t stop staring at her and opened his mouth at me when I stood in front of his tank so he couldn’t see her anymore. My beardie hasn’t darkened her beard or hissed yet. Will they eventually start to ignore each other or should I give the water dragon away?

11/19/17  11:19am


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 Bearded dragon and water dragon

They will eventually stop, but it may take time. For now, you can drape a blanket or towel over one tank.

11/21/17  10:53pm

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