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Aromi1987   SCERR  

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 HELP!!! I think something may be wrong with my drag

Hi everyone, I am a new bearded drag owner. Shenron is a baby about 5 inches long. Ive had him for about a week now and I’m concerned that he is not eating enough. He is in a 20 gallon tank with both a basking and 10.0 UVB light. Temps are about 105-110 for basking and 80-85 on cool side. Ive been trying to feed him crickets in the morning and evening but I never see him eat. Hes eaten a total of 6 pheonix worms despite repeated attempts. I leave a bowl of vegetables/fruit cut real small for him throughout the day but there is no sign that he actually ate anything. He displays no excitement for food. I’ve tried using a separate tank, the bathtub, and hand feeding to no success. I’ve resorted to leaving crickets in his tank hoping he might just eat a cricket here or there (and he does) but I know that’s not a good thing because they bite. Currently, the lights have been on for 4 hours and he is laying in the basking light but his eyes are closed. When I hold him he quickly goes to sleep. Just overall he is very lethargic. I just recently cut a hole in the wire mesh to allow the UVB to get through unobstructed. His entire tail recently became more pale which I think means hes getting ready to shed but I am not sure if it is normal to affect his eating pattern. He has had two baths since I’ve had him which he clearly does not like. He also does not like being picked up but once I get him he is calm. There are times where he spends a lot of time in his hide. Any help you may have will be greatly appreciated.

11/01/17  09:27am


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  Message To: Aromi1987   In reference to Message Id: 2321439

 HELP!!! I think something may be wrong with my drag

This is probably just relocation stress. Give it time.
How is he today?

11/07/17  03:43pm

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