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 MBD dragon

Hello everyone. I just wanted to get son opinions today. A few weeks ago I got a dragon from someone who wanted to know what was wrong with it. She said that it was almost a year old yet is about the size of one that is several months old. Has a hump over its pelvis, not much movement in hind limbs, and front limbs were floppy. She said the was worked because he wasn’t eating. I discussed with her what mbd was and she broke down saying that she has the right heating and lighting. I never saw the habitat but..... Anyhow, she didn’t want to see him die and so gave him to me. I gave him small amounts of slurry several times a day and hand dead crickets. He now has more energy and is now eating on his own

So that is his story/back ground. My question: have any of you had a dragon recover to the point of better mobility after having gone through all of this? He is gaining weight and pooping regularly now. He can get around his cage but I have to disable the crickets so he can catch them

Thank you

10/08/17  09:22am


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 MBD dragon

Mine was showing symptoms of mbd, after i bathed him regularly he become healthier than ever
But again mine was just showing early symptoms so i dont know if yours have been going for quite sometimes whetherit can be cured or not.

10/29/17  10:13pm

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